We've been there...

Navigating a Hospital stay and many appointments that follow isn’t easy. We are there to help guide your journey.

Our Hospital Experience.

Our son spent a total of 525+ days in-patient with 15 months of that being one stay. We’ve learned a thing... or 100... about how hospital days work. Spending many months trying to figure out what was wrong, enduring multiple procedures, tests, rounds, diagnosis’, medications, about every specialty, dozens of setbacks, and navigating how to live a day-to-day life of a parent with a sick child we kept our own notebook with all things about our stay. Eventually we extended to discharge with palliative care and we took our daily “notebook” of notes and what we learned both good/bad to compile them to help those in similar situations.

Our Appointment Experience.

We spent weekly appointment at various specialists, coordinating the many questions, concerns and other notes in a lined notebook. Using that to help us organize this Medical Appointment book to better ensure that we could refer back to appointments and had the next set of questions ready for the next weeks.

About the Authors.

Hi! We are Shaun & Erica Ryan. We reside in Columbus, Ohio with our 4 boys (with 1 in heaven now) and 2 dogs. We enjoy attending our kids sports, our Buckeyes, and all things Cincinnati. Erica works full-time in Project Management. Shaun is an Accountant and also runs his own Beard Care Company (8 Bit Beard Co). We are trying to live life through our personal passions, one of which is serving others with our strengths. We tend to lean on faith, humor and sometimes a nightcap to get us through stressful situations. You can follow more of our journey on our social media page and watch a quick video about our feeding journey here.



 Medically Complex Extended Hospital Stay

Medically Complex Family, Extended Hospital Notebook

 Westley Meyer Ryan